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All purchasing methods

There are different ways to purchase our plants

Visiting the nursery

You can buy potted plants all year or bare root plants in autumn, you will be able to check the plants' dimensions and the various coltivation situations and placement in the garden.

At various events

You can buy potted plants all year or bare root plants at fall events, joining us in leading industry fairs. Find out where we'll be.


On our online shop

By ordering through our e-shop, you can purchase bare root plants which will be shipped in autumn with all the instructions for planting and cultivating them.


Via fax

Send you order via fax at this number +39 011 9430623, inserting your data.

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Purchase Info
We take pride in sending out only top quality, healthy home-grown plants.
We sell two/three years old tree peonies.
Our herbaceous peonies division have three - four "eyes" which we feel is the ideal size for a young and healthy peony root to adapt himself to a new soil and location.
Since the production is limited and in order to avoid availability problem, please send the order form within the 15th of July; we generally ship bare root peony plants from about October 15th through about November 30th. We ship only bare root plants; potted plants are sold only in the nursery.
We cannot be responsible for any delay or miscarriage due to the postal service.
We accept only full filled and signed orders sent by mail or fax.
Minimum delivery is € 35,00.
Advance wire transfer is required prior any shipment. Customers liable for all bank fees; checking account number will be communicate at the acceptance of the order.
Handling and packing € 3,00 every shipment.
Shipping charges: billed to the client.
Payment can be made in the following ways: by bank transfer in advance or via Paypal at the order confirmation a few days before the shipment; In the mark, to be delivered to the courier at the time of delivery, in this case the shipping costs will be increased by Euro 6,00. In any case orders received by us (via mail or fax) will not be used as actual purchases. You will be contacted further by us to determine availability of varieties, payment terms and shipping arrangements.
The price list is valid until December 31, . Click here to download the updated price list.

vivaio buffa coltivazione e vendita peonie